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What do arts and culture bring to climate leadership?

The Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) Podcast features remarkable stories of individuals leading radical and transformational projects in music, film, galleries, academia, activism, tech, design and performing arts across the world.

Join us over 6 episodes where you’ll hear stories, insights and solutions from the creative community with host, award-winning multi-disciplinary arts producer, Emmanuella (Emma) Blake Morsi. Alumni from across the CCL network discuss topical themes ranging from climate justice, to effective communication, emerging tech in the creative space, policy and artistic practice.

Guests include: academic and activist Vasna Ramasar, artist and activist Jessica Sim, communications professional Yula Rocha, documentarian, campaigner and activist Syed Jazib Ali, artist, writer, educator and activist Alistair Gentry, cultural producer Rie Alkemade, culture and sustainability adviser Solveig Korum, sustainable design consultant Dr Sarah Suib, artist, researcher and reworlder Dr Jen Rae, and Julie’s Bicycle climate justice lead Farah Ahmed and director Alison Tickell.

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With gratitude

This podcast has evolved from the Creative Climate Leadership network, a growing network of alumni from the Creative Climate Leadership programme (CCL) run by Julie’s Bicycle. This training and transformation programme empowers artists and cultural professionals to take action on the climate, nature and justice crises with impact, creativity, and resilience. Alumni are part of an international network of creatives taking action and mobilising others in their field, through events, workshops, artistic works, and projects.

The Creative Climate Leadership podcast is produced by Hum Studio Interactive, led by our brilliant CCL partner in Sweden and Scandinavia, Diego Galafassi; and co-curated with Julie’s Bicycle. With support from Swedish Postcode Foundation, Nordisk KulturFond and Porticus.

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