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Rie Alkemade

Project Officer

Country: Belgium
Cohort: CCL Benelux 2023


"To me, creative climate leadership should encompass approaching the climate crisis with an empathetic understanding of how the creative and cultural sectors can help provide creative and innovative ways of thinking and solutions while being aware of global power dynamics; creative climate leaders should guide others to find their own communal leadership qualities and strengths."


Rie is a project and relations manager and a cultural producer with a keen interest in the creative artistic and cultural fields. She is currently based in Brussels, Belgium and is a Project Officer for the Cultural Relations Platform. Her interests have been working across the broader creative and cultural sectors between primarily Asia and Europe, and has previously worked across large-scale arts and culture festivals to more small-scale local operators and organizations focusing on cultural exchange. Her focus and passion has been primarily on cultivating sustainable partnerships and networks at a people-to-people level through fostering intercultural dialogue and exchanges based on mutual co-collaboration.

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