Meeting the ambitions of the Paris Agreement – the international agreement on climate change – to limit global warming to well below 2°C, better yet 1.5°C requires a bold rethinking of the way we live and work.

Artists and the wider cultural community have a unique and critical role: they deal with the art of the possible and influence new ways of being, doing and thinking. Creative Climate Leadership supports cultural professionals to apply these qualities to the climate challenge. The programme is tailored for participants to reach their full potential and maximise action on climate change within and beyond the creative and cultural sector, with help and support to test and scale ideas through sharing best practice and discussion across countries and cultures.

The Training Course

International Creative Climate Leadership training courses take place worldwide. The course, which was piloted in Wales and Slovenia in 2017 with support from Creative Europe, is aimed at artists and cultural leaders and we welcome applications from all creative disciplines and art forms. The five-day intensive course enables participants to apply environmental frameworks and targets and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals meaningfully to their work, and explore what leadership means in the context of a rapidly changing world.

Alumni Network

After completing the CCL training course, participants will join a free alumni network that will enable ongoing knowledge sharing and support.

Grants and Mentoring

Creative Climate Leadership grants are made periodically available to support alumni to develop and implement ambitious environmental initiatives.

Some CCL programmes also offer mentoring from exceptional cultural leaders

Dialogue with policymakers

Creative Climate Leadership policy labs and conference events will enable direct dialogue between the cultural sector, artists, environmental experts and policymakers. They will share learning on skills and approaches from the training programme, position culture and a critical part of the solution to climate change, share research and recommendations for appropriate policy making, and invite decision makers to become part of the creative process to design a more sustainable future.

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