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Sarah Suib

Consultant & Founder

Country: Belgium
Cohort: CCL Benelux 2023


"Creative Climate Leadership is about connecting the dots; the GOOD dots. The dots that do not harm the environment, the dots that care about people, and the dots that build resilience without taking things away from the new generation."


Dr. Sarah Suib is a consultant and the founder of Hint Studio, Brussels. She is also a designer and mender. She has more that eight years of experience in product development projects with experience working and conducting research on sustainable design, user experiences, cleaner productions, ESG research, and frugal innovations. Her expertise lies in design thinking, design for sustainability, user research, and the circular economy. She completed her Ph.D. in Delft University of Technology but initial lessons in sustainability were from her grandmothers in Kedah, Malaysia. Now, she works with small and medium sized companies to integrate sustainability and circularity strategies in their products and practices.

To hear more from Sarah, she features in the CCL podcast, episode 6.

Project Highlights

A framework that helps SMEs in their sustainable journey

DOT – Direction of Transition

The Direction of Transition (DOT) is a framework developed by hint-studio to support SMEs in integrating sustainable and circular strategies in their product and activities. Guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), and the Paris Agreement, DOT aims to make green transitions simpler, cost-efficient, and with meaningful impacts on the world. It helps SMEs to understand Where to start? How to create value, and what are the impacts of their actions?DOT highlights three starting points a company can choose to begin its green journey – organization, products, and services.

The first workshop conducted during CCL Benelux in Koningsteen, Belgium

The Past is a Sustainable Country

Traditional practices are often made of systems that do not infringe on the law of nature; in the best-case scenario, they are made of systems that go hand in hand with nature. This project aims to explore sustainable and circular cultural heritage elements and their potential, relevance, and application to build resilience against climate change. Sustainable actions, for example, recycling, repairing, and reusing, are not foreign in the past. With this concept in mind, hint-studio develops a canvas to elicit practices in the past that can be used to nurture a sustainable way of living and create a circular economy.

Plastic is not waste but a precious resource

ZeroBin – Keeping Plastic From the Ocean and Environment

ZeroBin is a start-up with a mission to disrupt waste management systems. They aim to keep plastic in the system longer, maintain its value, and can be continuously used and reused in a circular manner. As a consultant and expert advisor, Sarah Suib works closely with the company to build the company’s product, service, and system. Her work involves conducting research, helping ZeroBin to close the loop, and realizing its circular value offerings to people and the environment.

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