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Alistair Gentry

Artist, Writer, Educator, Activist

Country: UK
Cohort: CCL UK 2023


"It means showing the way kindly, sharing ideas, sharing knowledge instead of guarding it, being generous and not expecting anyone – or ourselves – to be perfect."

Alistair Gentry


Artist, writer, producer, educator in creative writing, performance, live and participatory art. Activist in artists’ livelihoods and wellbeing for about 15 years, with particular focus on LGBTQ+, disabled, low income background and self-taught artists and leaders.

Project Highlights

Concept drawings for the nationalised British Fusion flying saucer, showing the exterior

British Fusion - (work in progress)

A fully interactive live and XR/AR/VR, multisensory and accessible journey to an alternate Britain powered by clean, renewable energy. Find out more.

The Bank on Hoe Street, Walthamstow, that was taken over for nearly two years by the project

Bank Job

I was part of a large team from my own east London community who collaborated to explain (and destroy) debt from a former bank in Walthamstow. £1.2 million worth of local people’s debt was abolished. Find out more.

I also worked on its sequel, Power, which is bringing community-owned and run solar power to an entire London street. Find out more.

sign interventions in on the island

The Portland Office for Imaginary History

Now into its 8th year with the ongoing collaboration and support of the people of the Isle of Portland in Dorset, a sprawling performance, intervention, and community art work that has grown to include critical access mapping, collaborations with local foragers, herbalists, naturalists, and geologists, nature and un-nature walks, biodiversity projects, community activism, and more.

Project Gallery


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