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Syed Jazib Ali

Documentarian and Human Rights Advocate

Country: UK
Cohort: CCL Benelux 2023


"Creative Climate Leadership means achieving a social structure that advocates overcoming the systemic barriers of knowledge, access and understanding for marginalised communities while carving out space to hold power accountable."


Jazib is a documentarian, campaigner and activist hailing from the indigenous Pahari tribe of the lower Himalayan region of the politically and ecologically sensitive Jammu and Kashmir. His sharp eye for human interest projects focuses on global advocacy projects that help bring inclusive sustainability, societal equality and fair human rights.

Jazib has worked on global advocacy projects with several international NGOs, Think Tanks and United Nations organisations. His award-winning documentaries and advocacy work are globally recognised, amplifying the stories of the underrepresented. His creative projects have been part of COP26, COP27 and global campaigns advocating for inclusivity and representation in the climate change conversation. His sharp eye for human interest stories has helped create an alternative narrative and space for people from marginalised backgrounds to hold power accountable.

To hear more from Jazib, he features in the CCL podcast, episode 3.

Project Highlights

Wednesday in Camp Rohingya - Short Documentary

Thousands of Rohingyas, recognised as refugees by the UNHCR, are trapped in an existential struggle under India’s rising Hindu nationalism. They fled genocide in Myanmar, only to find themselves trapped in a different kind of suffering in India. The film centres around a day spent at a Rohingya refugee camp in Jammu, northern India. Once a symbol of hope and sanctuary, the camp has become a stark reminder of their harrowing past and uncertain future.

Letters To The Earth - COP27 Campaign

As climate breakdown intensifies, more people have no choice but to leave their homes. Extreme weather, drought, famine and conflict have forced people to leave their homeland. The number of refugees is bound to increase with the worsening climate crisis. We went to Calais to speak to people currently on the migration frontlines. Their message to the world leaders: Leave no one behind.

Letter to Shaheen Bagh - Short Documentary

The film explores the Shaheen Bagh movement, a women’s-led protest in India against the new citizenship laws, and how it has forged solidarities across the globe. The movement evokes hope in dark fascist times and gave impetus to many similar protests across India, mostly led by Muslim women.

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