Arts and Culture at the Heart of Climate Action

Julie’s Bicycle, Lucsus at Lund University, Sigtunastiftelsen and Postkodstiftelsen are delighted to invite you to an inspiring afternoon of talks and performance focussed on arts, creativity, and climate justice.

As the climate emergency unfolds, strengthening our support for communities has never been more urgent. Convened as the COP27 international climate negotiations approach, this event will explore how the arts and culture sector can be at the heart of the climate conversation and transformative action.

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Join an exciting roster of climate justice leaders, artists, policy-makers, scientists, and youth activists, including speakers from Julie’s Bicycle, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Moderna Museet, Live Green Festivals, Fridays For Future, Arts Councils of Sweden, Denmark and Norway for an afternoon of conversation around the types of leadership, practices and policies that are vital to realising the true potential of the arts in times of climate breakdown.

Discussions are accompanied by music and poetry from performing artists:

Norwegian singer-songwriter Marte Wulff, soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson and others.

This event is part of the Creative Climate Leadership Programme, a growing network of climate justice leaders, artists, policy-makers, scientists, and youth activists working in the arts and culture sector to lead on and strengthen creative climate mobilisation.

We are all aware of the challenges we face due to climate change, but still it is difficult for most of us to change ingrained behaviour. We believe that arts and culture are vital resources for behavioural change and has a role to play when it comes to climate change. We are therefore proud to support Julie’s Bicycle in their work to focus on cultural leadership development for climate action in Sweden and the Scandinavian region.

Marie Dahllöf, Secretary General at Postkodstiftelsen


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