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Leading up to the high-level meeting Stockholm+50 , hosted by Sweden and Kenya between 2-3 June, 2022, this Talk Series explores the way in which the cultural and creative sector is raising up to the challenges of sustainability transformations. The Talk Series is hosted by Creative Climate Leadership, and Julie’s Bicycle’s Creative Climate Chats. Special guests will discuss topics including climate justice, the inner dimensions of leadership, policy transformations in the cultural sector. The Talk Series culminates with a public Summit on June 4th at Moderna Museet back-to-back to the Stockholm+50 high-level meeting in Stockholm.

Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) is a trail-blazing leadership development programme for artists and cultural activists who are bringing climate and justice into the heart of their practice. The programme combines existing methodologies with the particular insights and perspectives of culture as a force for change. CCL is based on the understanding that culture itself is a system and all parts of the cultural ecology –  artists, organisations, policymakers, producers, makers – must work together to fulfil the exponential potential of arts and culture and nourish our relationship with the planet.

In 2021, 24 participants from Sweden completed the programme and are now developing exciting legacy projects and events. Starting in March 2022 the second Scandinavian CCL programme includes 26 participants from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

We welcome you, and encourage you to join this exciting community and widening conversation, and networking possibilities.

This programme is led by Julie’s Bicycle and Diego Galafassi


20th May 13:00-14:00 (CET)

We are approaching Stockholm+50 and in this session we would like to take stock of insights about deep leverage points of transformations in the creative system. We also look at what we can learn about leadership from research on systemic transformations in other sectors.

More details TBC

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We invite artists to look at leadership from the inside out. What gives us strength? What wisdom can takes us through turbulent times? How do we develop profound relationships of trust and commitment?

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29th March 13.00-14.30 (CET)

In this session we look at why questions of justice are at the heart of the climate and sustainability challenge and explore cultural responses from Sámi and youth perspectives.

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