CCL in Action: Conectando Audiencias Especial Arte Y Sostenibilidad – Marta García Haro and Elisa Hernández de Pablo, Spain

Supported by a CCL in Action local development grant, CCL alumni Marta García Haro and Elisa Hernández de Pablo collaborated to guest edit a Special Edition of the Conectando Audiencias Magazine, a publication aimed at Spanish speaking creative professionals and cultural managers, on the theme of arts and sustainability – the first monograph of its kind in Spain.

The magazine features articles on the educational role of the arts, provocations on shaping an environmentally sustainable cultural sector in Spain, reflections on the role of artists in creating systemic change, case studies from across the sector, and guest contributions from other CCL alumni to share other international perspectives with the cultural sector in Spain – including Elizabeth Valenzuela (CO), Budi Agung Kuswara (ID), and Lucina Machanzi (ZW).

The journal is published by audience development agency Asimetrica and reached a readership of over 3,000 creative and cultural professionals.

Alongside the publication of this magazine, Marta has continued to shape new collaborations in Spain to bring together the cultural sector to take action on the Sustainable Development Goals and position culture as an indispensable actor for sustainable and inclusive development.

Since participating in CCL, she has organized two further editions of the ‘Jornadas sostenibilidad e instituciones culturales’ conference in partnership with the Instituto Cervantes (the first edition took place prior to CCL).

In 2019, she helped launch the ‘Declaration of Culture in support of the 2030 Agenda’ / Declaración de la Cultura en apoyo a la Agenda 2030 , a commitment by cultural institutions and professionals in Spain to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Conectando Audiencias

DOWNLOAD: Conectando Audiencias: Especial Arte Y Sostenibilidad [PDF]

Declaración de la Cultura en apoyo a la Agenda 2030:


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