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Zoe Rasbash

Action Researcher

Country: UK
Cohort: CCL UK 2023

"Creativity is a key component of actualizing a fairer, regenerative future. Building a societal just transition is the creative challenge of our time – it asks us to imagine and build towards something undefined and unlike anything we have ever known."


Zoe Rasbash is a researcher, writer and programmer working at the intersection of creative industries and climate justice. She is currently Climate Action Researcher at Watershed in Bristol, a cultural organisation focussed on togetherness. She is co-founder of Lilith Film Club, climate editor for Shado-Mag and previously campaigned with UKYCC, Amnesty International and for UN Taskforce on Climate Displacement. She works to co-design resources to enable action and combat overwhelm, and likes creating spaces of imagination to design actions in the now which realise more radical futures.

Project Highlights

The Creative Climate Action Toolkit

The Creative Climate Action Toolkit is for small creative businesses, SMEs, freelancers, and organisations to support their climate action journey. This tool kit is the outcome of a series of interviews and workshops with a broad range of small creative practitioners and businesses in the Watershed and Pervasive Media Studio community – and is geared towards creatives wanting to be more environmentally responsible within their practice but are unsure of where to start. It outlines the specific barriers and opportunities smaller creative entities face, and provides a video guided exercise, worksheet and checklist to support moving from overwhelm to action.

Lilith Film Club

Lilith Film Club platforms the brilliant diversity of women and non-binary filmmakers and moving image artists making work on ‘nature’. Through Lilith, we create an online resource to spotlight global filmmakers to challenge the pale, male, stale wildlife documentary-verse which dominates popular understandings of nature filmmaking. Built with the belief that the films we watch “influence our relationship with the world around us,” and that film as a creative discipline offers an accessible environment, creating the film club has widened opportunities for learning. Screenings, workshops and online events, alongside critical coverage of film festivals.

Black Earth: Resistance, Anti-Racism and the Environment

Black Earth: Resistance, Anti-Racism and the Environment is a research project encompassing workshops, nature walks, artist commissions and Green Care Packages for members of the local communities in Watford and the South East, and the Bristol and Bath regions. The project brought together a cohort of creatives to explore the intersection of creative industries and climate action, looking at the complex issues Black communities face and actions of Actions of creative resistance.

​The outcomes and discussions from these workshops guided us when creating the Green Care Packages in partnership with Community Apothecary and the afrofuturists apothecary.

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