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Petra Piiroinen

Executive Director

Country: Finland
Cohort: CCL Scandinavia 2022


"Creative Climate Leadership means to take a role in finding and promoting climate solutions within our work, constantly learning on the way, doing it visibly – leading by example – and aiming for a wider impact in our practice, peers and audience."


Petra Piiroinen is the Executive Director of Our Festival. Our Festival (formerly Chamber Music by Lake Tuusula) is an annual chamber art festival organised in the end of July by Lake Tuusula, Finland, known for it’s artistic integrity, socially aware programming and disrupting of traditional concert conventions. Piiroinen majored in musicology in Jyväskylä University, graduating with MPhil in 2019. As a nourishing side hustles she has produced the Encounters club series for Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the electronic art music ensemble defunensemble.

Project Highlights

Our Festival

Our Festival is an annual chamber art event by Lake Tuusula, Finland. The Festival has been systematically following (and diminishing) it’s environmental impact since 2016 and aims to be carbon neutral in 2025. One of Our Festival’s aims is to bring art to its rightful place in current societal discussions. Our Festival program showcases societal & environmental issues annually via discussion, keynotes, themes and commissions. Currently the Festival also coordinates a peer group for festivals aiming for carbon neutrality in coming years.


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