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Moa Karlberg


Country: Sweden
Cohort: CCL Sweden 2021


"Creative climate leadership means to be aware of the role and responsibility of artistic practices in moving societies in a better direction. To transform our knowledge into action, and to inspire others. "


Moa Karlberg is an independent photographer from Sweden, now living in Belgium. After finishing her studies in photojournalism at Nordens Fotoskola, she’s been working as a still photographer and videographer for magazines, NGO:s and corporations. Moa often develops personal, long-term projects with a global outreach, but also enjoys the thrill of shorter assignments. Her main interests are women’s reproductive rights, and how to visualize the biggest challenge of today: the climate emergency.

Project Highlights

Plåta för planeten/Photograph for the planet

As a way to share knowledge and inspire my community, I wrote an article for the Swedish Photographers Association about how to reduce our climate footprint as photographers, and how to think more creatively about picturing the climate crisis. 

The bait after a few hours walk

Volunteers in a municipality, Belgium, going for their bimonthly round of collecting garbage in their area. All the garbage was then photographed, to highlight how much waste people throw on the streets and in nature. 

Book: Stuglandet - en guide till fria övernattningar

“Stuglandet” means ”the country of cabins”, and refers to the fact that there are more than 200 cabins in Sweden where you can spend a night at no cost. The cabins are always open and do not require reservation. Before the book was first published in 2017, the cabins were often unknown and difficult to find. As a way to keep promoting climate-friendly tourism in our home country, Moa Karlberg and writer Kjell Vowles updated and reprinted the book in 2021.

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