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Maria Rylander


Country: Sweden
Cohort: CCL Sweden 2021

mariarylandermusic.com knutpunkt.com


Maria Rylander was born and raised on an island called Öland located in the Baltic Sea. She started as a jazz vocalist studying music at the University Academy of Music and Drama Gothenburg. She finished her studies with a Bachelor Degree in Music Teaching and addition 6 month at the Concervatoir National Superior Musique et de Danse in Paris. After her studies she started to arrange jazz festivals and work at different jazz clubs as a project leader. She is now working as a coordinator for a network connecting 20 venues, called Knutpunkt. Marias work as a coordinator is to increase accessibility of jazz and improvised music in the region by for example conducting joint tours. She has also been initiating different projects of climate friendly touring and is eager to make the climate issue on the top of our priority in our sector.


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