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Jasmine Alakari

Film Director, Activist

Country: Sweden
Cohort: CCL Scandinavia 2022


"At CCL we get the tools to propel collaborative artist-led, environmentally driven systems change and to use art and imagination to bridge the knowledge and translation gap between culture, creativity and ecology."


Jasmine is a film director and artist based in Berlin, working for Climate Justice in the transgression of storytelling and Nature’s Rights. As a response to the climate crisis she facilitates impact driven sound installations and immersive art projects with Earthrise and MONOM (4DSOUND), in collaboration with Indigenous artists and pioneering visual artists.

She launched a collaborative Sound Installation Project at the COP26 at the Indigenous Peoples hub and collaborated with the New York Times Climate Forward hub 2022 in London to bring “Lost Spaces”, an immersive sound installation meditating on climate grief to the audiences. She is the film curator for Climate COP28 in Egypt. Her debut feature film about children’s rights in the Greek refugee crisis is currently in post production. She is certified in Indigenous Peoples Rights at Columbia University.


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