Helena Ryhilahti

After Helena worked to bring the language of CCL back to her organisation at the time, saying that ‘sustainability became a household word at the European Cultural Foundation’. She achieved this language change through both a dissemination event, in which she brought together individuals within her company to learn about CCL values, and through continually advocating for climate change issues to be recognised within the work they do. She also worked to evidence the impact of this change by, for example, starting to track the CO2 emissions of a travel programme she had been working on after CCL. Since CCL, Helena has moved into a new role with the company booking.com. She speaks of how she is working to bring her climate knowledge into this new position, and how she hopes that in the future she can become recognised as a sustainability ambassador. Helena reflects on how the CCL can help her recognise this ambition, by giving her ‘credibility within my organisation’.