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Elizabeth Valenzuela

Technical Director

Country: Colombia
Cohort: CCL Creative Europe Slovenia 2017

"The creative leadership of climate change is the strength to believe and create content from different narratives, perspectives, and knowledge that drive us to take action on climate change. It is to recognise the virtuous circle of heart - head - hands that allow us to connect our emotions with ideas and thus motivate action."


Elizabeth, a biologist with a master’s in environment and development from the National University of Colombia, has more than twenty years of experience designing and implementing projects for biodiversity management, land use planning, sustainable development, climate action, and child protection. Since 2019, she has demonstrated her leadership skills as the Technical Director of Fondo Acción, an organisation she joined in 2013 to coordinate one of the long-term financial mechanisms for forest conservation; then, in 2015, she began coordinating climate change projects.

While coordinating climate change projects, Elizabeth introduced the creation of artistic works as an innovative approach to communicating and raising public awareness, seeking new narratives, and broadening the audience to motivate behavioural and mindset changes.

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