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Dawit Seto Gobeze

Performing artiste

Country: Switzerland
Cohort: CCL Switzerland 2024


"Creative climate leadership to me signifies the profound impact of personal experiences on our environment. Through empathy advocacy for justice and collaborative efforts we drive transformative change towards a fairer and more sustainable world."


Dawit Seto, a performing artist in African contemporary dance and choreography based in Switzerland, merges migrant histories with a strong climate justice advocacy in his art. Through movement storytelling, he transcends boundaries, blending influences into impactful work. Immersing in traditional dance heritage, he infuses creations with cultural richness resonating globally. As co-founder of Contemporary Nights, Dawit hosts events for artists to shine in Addis Ababa and East Africa. His commitment to inclusivity shines in Movement for Life, empowering individuals with disabilities. Dawit’s artistic vision sparks transformative dialogues in contemporary dance and beyond, centering on migration, climate justice, and cultural heritage.

Project Highlights

Large yellow water canisters lined up a cliff side, a person wearing yellow is seated amongst them

Environmental Dance

In collaboration with Christopher Winkler Company, the recent project centers around a commissioned work where I present my unique perspectives on climate change through a captivating performance video. This project deeply explores the pressing global issue of climate change and its far-reaching impacts on our world. It advocates for a pivotal shift from a human-centered worldview to an inclusive approach that values all life equally. While acknowledging the importance of technology, achieving genuine sustainability necessitates a collective endeavor. Utilizing the expressive medium of dance, deeply ingrained in diverse cultures globally, this project endeavors to convey the intricate relationship between humanity and nature.

Person in an orange jumpsuit leading a cow

Swarm “መንጋ"

Swarm “መንጋ” captures the intertwining of environmental challenges and the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. It delves into the daily struggles of Ethiopian citizens parallel to the life cycle of trees, showcasing the interconnectedness between nature and humanity. The physical labor depicted in Swarm reflects the crucial link between humans and the environment. Through symbolic elements like the traditional stick, known as “ሽመል” (Shemel), the project underscores the inseparable bond between people and their surroundings. Addressing the current desert locust swarm devastating farmers’ livelihoods, Swarm serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of human actions on nature.

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