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Ceyda Berk-Söderblom

Arts Manager, Curator, Artistic Director, DEI Expert

Country: Sweden
Cohort: CCL Scandinavia 2022


"Creative climate leadership provides an understanding that climate justice, at its core, is not only an environmental problem but also another reflection of injustices in the social systems and structures. The work is related to injustices happening to marginalized communities and the Earth. It includes an intersectional perspective and position that values allyship, radical inclusion, and cross-disciplinary collaborations."


Ceyda Berk-Söderblom, Helsinki-based arts manager, curator, festival programmer, entrepreneur, and expert of DEI, is the artistic director of MiklagardArts, a facilitator for transnational and transcultural collaborations.

With over 20 years of experience, Ceyda has specialist knowledge in programming, curating, cultural branding, fundraising, advocacy, lobbying, societal transformation, and DEI management. Her advocacy work, focusing on DEI in arts and culture, is influenced by her experiences as a transcultural art professional. Ceyda worked as an expert in a working group on cultural policy, immigration, and cultural diversity appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland.

She holds a MA in cultural diversity and social inclusion, BA in Communication and Journalism, and studied critical thinking, business administration, executive management, and leadership in arts.

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