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Carla Danielle Knight

Educator and Designer

Country: UK
Cohort: CCL Creative Europe Wales 2017

Carla Knight


When she took part in CCL Carla Knight was Menswear Design Manager at Vivienne Westwood. As such, directly following her time at CCL, Carla was able to increase sustainable thinking and practices in the more commercial divisions of the company. The confidence to be able to articulate and implement ideas around sustainability directly followed her experiences at CCL; Carla describes how CCL ‘gave me the knowledge and confidence and enough of a network to then be able to take a few leaps and take that on myself. And so since then I’ve made quite a lot of changes, but I’m definitely a lot more pro-active with my beliefs and putting them out there’.  

This articulation of pro-environmental concerns is something that Carla has continued to do within all her professional pursuits. Since her time at CCL Carla has made some significant career moves; she has undertaken a teacher training course and is now planning to set up a small sustainable clothing company in Margate. She describes how CCL has influenced these career choices. Her time at CCL both allowed her the chance to think about what she wanted her industry to look like and, more practically, ‘has completely shaped the business model that [she is] working on now’. Furthermore, CCL gave Carla a chance to connect with others that have the same passions as her, and that she knows she connect with and draw guidance from.


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