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Annika Bromberg

Set & Costume Designer

Country: Sweden
Cohort: CCL Sweden 2021


"CCL has influenced me on many levels, both professionally and privately. I feel great gratitude for the large network of climate workers that I have come to know and all the ongoing work that I have been able to take part in. A young activist said at a meeting last week that she had wanted all children from an early age to learn activism, that it is possible to influence. Her words strengthens my belief that change is possible."


Annika received her BA degree in scenography from Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm 1997 and has since designed sets and costumes for over 80 theatre productions. These productions range from children’s theatre to dance, new writing and classical works. Working in the field of set and costume design, we witness the need for the performing arts industry to begin developing methods and tools, utilized both by artists and institutions, geared towards making the industry more sustainable. In coming years, sustainability will, alongside things like timeframes and economy, be a key factor to be considered as we plan and design our productions. A circular production model will free up valuable resources and retain unique competences to meet the demands of the future.

Project Highlights

Pop-Up Workshop

A pavilion representing Sweden in Prague Quadrennial, June 2023. A place for craft and conversation about sustainability in the performing arts.

Project Gallery


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