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Anna-Kaisa Koski


Country: Finland
Cohort: CCL Creative Europe Wales 2017


"For just sustainability transformations to thoroughly permeate societies, new ideas, stories and leaps of imagination will be needed. Hence the meaningful processing of climate change, loss of biodiversity and other ecological threats will require cultural approaches and creative methods."


Anna-Kaisa is co-founder of Punos Arts & Research with Ki Nurmenniemi. Punos conducts the transdisciplinary art and research project Whose Climate, Whose Futures? (2021–2024). Punos also educates and supports the cultural field in responding to eco-crises.

Anna-Kaisa conducts doctoral research on contemporary art and energy cultures at The Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies at the University of Jyväskylä. She holds MA’s in Curating (Aalto University, 2012) and Arts Research (University of Jyväskylä, 2013).

Anna-Kaisa is part of the steering group of the climate campaign Coal-free Finland, specialszing in strategy and fundraising development. For over a decade, she has been an active organiser in both arts and climate grassroots initiatives and NGO’s. In recent years, she has been tutoring sustainability trainings provided for museums by the Finnish Museums Association.

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