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Anders Paulsson

Musician and Composer

Country: Sweden
Cohort: CCL Scandinavia 2022

Anders Paulsson


Since his Carnegie Hall début in 1992, Anders Paulsson is widely recognized as one of the finest soprano saxophonists in the world. His musicianship has inspired more than 60 composers to write for him and he has performed in major music centres in 28 countries, often appearing on international television and radio. In 2012, he was awarded the Swedish Royal gold medal ‘Litteris et Artibus’ for his artistic achievements. Anders Paulsson is also an award-winning composer.

He is the co-founder and artistic director of CoralGuardians.org – an initiative highlighting successful Coral Reef stewardship around the world with music. As the concert world comes to life after the pandemic, he envisions musical collaborations beyond business as usual, such as more creative programming and performance concepts that reach new audiences and have relevance to the most urgent issues of our time – ecological recovery and strengthening of democracy.


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