Tove Skeidsvoll

Since my graduation from the Ballet Academy in Stockholm in 2002 I have worked as a dancer and choreographer within the contemporary field of dance – ranging from creating small intimate performances to choreographing for big concert and film productions. By seeing dance and movement as a way of being in relation within the world, I have developed a practice that has taken me to many places, working within, and leading, small and large groups of people and teams, freelancing as well as being the co-artistic leader of dance company Nomodaco and co-producing with institutions. Some works include; actor and choreographer for feature film Sameblod (2018) and short film Outside in (2011), dancer and choreographer for performance for babies and their grown-up ́s Under (2018), actor and Associate choreographer for feature film Midsommar (2019) and choreographer for dance performance Mikro Makro (2020).