Helena Ryhilahti

After Helena worked to bring the language of CCL back to her organisation at the time, saying that ‘sustainability became a household word at the European Cultural Foundation’. She achieved this language change through both a dissemination event, in which she brought together individuals within her company to learn about CCL values, and through continually … Read more Helena Ryhilahti

Vikki Chapman

Vikki Chapman is the Sustainability Coordinator at Festival Republic, overseeing sustainability at 10 major UK festivals, adding to her experience in project management in the public and creative sectors. Previously, Vikki was Temporary Spaces Manager at East Street Arts where, as the lead for the South of England covering London, Norwich, Birmingham and New York, … Read more Vikki Chapman

Vicki Ooi

Dr Vicki Ooi is the Artistic Director at AFTEC and has developed a diverse array of programmes that encompass arts immersion, theatre training, as well as productions tapping into the deep power of the arts to support education and change in young people. She is a well-known theatre director in Hong Kong with a career … Read more Vicki Ooi

Sigrid Pawelke

Sigrid Pawelke is a curator and performance and art historian living in France. She has taught Art History at the School of Visual Arts in Aix-en-Provence since 2011. Sigrid has overseen projects and produced programmes for organisations including the Fondation de France, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the Alfred Toepfer Foundation, and the Federal Agency for … Read more Sigrid Pawelke

Phillip Kusasa

Phillip Kusasa is Director of Ndau Festival of the Arts and Director of Paiyapo Arts Development and Heritage Centre, working to give a resource and training arts skills to local communities and young people in Chipinge. Phillip holds an Arts Degree from the Great Zimbabwe University, specialising in English Language, Religious Studies and Music and … Read more Phillip Kusasa

Michael Soro

Since working as an Head Gardener and educator at Sonairte eco-centre and gardens, Michael has sustained an interest in developing and promoting organic and ecologically sustainable practices. From providing sound system for festivals and music events, managing and headlining his reggae stage at festivals, and charitably providing technical support for emerging cultural events in Ireland, … Read more Michael Soro

Lyke Poortvliet

Lyke describes how being part of CCL made her ‘more aware of my place and responsibility in the world as a human and entrepreneur’. She realised how much impact she could make within her own network, and has since actively worked to increase sustainability awareness and training within the festival industry. Over the previous year … Read more Lyke Poortvliet

Kerry O’Sullivan

As the former Executive Director of The Blue Room Theatre, Kerry O’Sullivan coordinated the evolution of a strong sustainable arts organisation, starting out as an Artist at the theatre in 2006.  She has a strong background in the independent theatre and comedy scene in Perth, and experience as an independent producer, writer, director, performer and … Read more Kerry O’Sullivan

Jessica Sim

Jess is passionate about ecology, committed to developing creative communication methods to address climate change and inspire more mindful living. Jess holds an MA in International Performance Research from the University of Warwick and University of Amsterdam, and a BA in contemporary dance from the London Contemporary Dance School. Upon graduation, she travelled to Iran … Read more Jessica Sim

Janet Vaughan

Janet Vaughan is a designer and the Co-Artistic Director of Talking Birds, a company with a reputation for making gently provocative projects which explore, and seek to illuminate, the profound and complex relationships between people and place, using humour, music and visual flair. Talking Birds is known for its creative use of empty spaces for … Read more Janet Vaughan

Iris Hung

Iris Ping-Chi Hung is the Managing Director of Taiwan’s artist-in-residency program, Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) and executive director of Taiwan Art Space Alliance. Her previous background was in the business field. This work experience allowed her to build up the abilities to deal with different parties having different requirements. After several years, she decided to … Read more Iris Hung

Hayley Skipper

When Hayley attended CCL she was just at the cusp of a new job role, working with the Forestry Commission on their centenary project. This timing meant that her training at CCL was able to have significant influence on how she approached her work in new role. Hayley explains how the centenary project, which is … Read more Hayley Skipper