Tove Skeidsvoll

Since my graduation from the Ballet Academy in Stockholm in 2002 I have worked as a dancer and choreographer within the contemporary field of dance – ranging from creating small intimate performances to choreographing for big concert and film productions. By seeing dance and movement as a way of being in relation within the world, I … Read more Tove Skeidsvoll

Damir Radovic

When Damir was 15 he started to participate in an action against car pollution, it was held once a month in the crossroad Kungsgatan and Sveavägen. Street art became and is still a way for him to express his concerns about social issues. Damir first became a vegan 1997. In 2000 he moved from Aspudden … Read more Damir Radovic

Hanna Olsson

Hanna Olsson has a background as a Production Manager for performing arts. She is currently working at Trans Europe Halles, a European network of grassroots cultural centres, as a Project Manager for the International Resource Office and the Spaces of Transformation in Arts education project. International Resource Office: Spaces of Transformation in Arts Education … Read more Hanna Olsson

Ylva Hillström

Ylva Hillström works as a curator with the Learning department at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. She holds an MA in Art History and has a special interest in esoteric currents in early 20th century art. She also has a strong engagement in environmental issues. In 2016, she initiated Moderna Museet’s online platform Acclimatize, where people … Read more Ylva Hillström

Linda Engström

Salt Jord Ateljé is the name of Linda’s studio in central Nyköping, where she works, arranging courses and organising events. Born 1979 in Stockholm. Linda has worked in several different techniques and materials, starting in a dark room being a photographer for several years, cake decorator in Spain and now graphic design and above all … Read more Linda Engström

Lindi Ladron de Guevara

Lindi moved to Göteborg from Seattle in 2013. Before moving, her background was in working in non-profit organisations rooted in international social justice movements. In 2008 she received a BA from the Evergreen State College in Multicultural Counselling and Social Justice. Starting in 2011 Lindi began to apply her experience in organising to working with … Read more Lindi Ladron de Guevara

Dashiel Nesbitt

Dashiel Nesbitt, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, has been working professionally with Swedish orchestras since 2017. He earned degrees in music performance from Indiana and Yale Universities, and gathered professional experience with many orchestras across the USA, Germany and Switzerland before moving to Stockholm. He has performed chamber music in the USA, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, … Read more Dashiel Nesbitt

Sofie Öberg Magnusson

Sofie’s background is in peace and development studies with an MA in international administration and global governance. Sofie was drawn to the Museums of World Culture as she saw a possibility to work with two great interests – cultural expressions from around the world and social sustainability. Since Sofie began her work with the overarching … Read more Sofie Öberg Magnusson

Tobias Gärdsback Rylander

Swedish-born, Los Angeles based lighting designer Tobias G. Rylander has created an explosive impact within the industry through his ingenious vision of visual expression. After realising his interest in lighting and visual design, he worked for several years as a lighting technician in Sweden. In 2007 he begin to design and tour with European acts such … Read more Tobias Gärdsback Rylander

Wanyi Ji

Wanyi Ji is a current master student majoring in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science at Lund University, Sweden. She has devoted herself to environmentalism and activism since college. She appreciates the idea of transforming art as the unspoken yet powerful medium for the natural world, and willingly strives to understand the role of art in everyday inspiration … Read more Wanyi Ji

Adriene Jenik

Adriene Jenik is an artist and educator who resides in the desert. Following 3 decades of pioneering media work, she has re-centered her practice to address climate disruption. Recent projects include immersive learning experiments and public “climate future” reading/performances with her ECOtarot deck. At ASU, she serves as Professor of Intermedia, affiliate faculty in the … Read more Adriene Jenik