Mish Weaver

Mish Weaver is a Circus-maker –directing, writing, researching and teaching for live physical
performance, focussing on mental health and how Climate anxieties are translating into anticipated
mourning and disavowal. As Artistic Director of Stumble danceCircus she has directed 5 shows and
one commission, Second Breath and has directed, designed and consulted for countless companies
and individuals on the UK circus scene and physical theatre. With an MA in performance studies,
Mish has taught far and wide, lecturing in Circus History and the use of voice in circus, and teaching
devising and aerial techniques. She has taught in circus schools, universities, prisons, mental health
settings, social circus schemes – in Nepal and Cambodia.

Mish’s main ambition is to be useful, and to find a realistic way to balance her work as an artist, her
experience of mentoring and guiding performance work towards serious subjects and her need to
earn a living. In the face of Climate breakdown Mish has been nudging the circus industry to be
more socially aware and socially engaged – to this end she spearheaded the ‘Serious Circus’
movement and has facilitated two ‘Serious Circus Symposiums,’ which have served to inspire action
from within the circus world – namely supporting the protests and actions happening frequently
now in UK streets.