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Marte Wulff

Artist, Writer and Activist

Country: Norway
Cohort: CCL Scandinavia 2022


"It means daring to openly let go of the current narratives about ourselves and the world that are not sustainable, and help people envision new ones by building a bridge between facts and emotions."


Marte Wulff is a established Norwegian artist and writer with six solo albums, two Spellemann nominations and behind her. She’s performed on most of Norway’s biggest festivals, tv- and radio shows, and is widely played on Norwegian radio since her 2006 debut. In 2017 she received a specialization grant for digging into the climate- and environmental crisis, and since then she’s been a clear voice for the issue, through her music, green touring, articles, talks, debates and activism. Wulff is currently working on an interdisciplinary art project about humans facing an existential crisis, and the arts as a tool for action. She is also the initiator of Spillerommet (The playroom), a new platform dedicated to mobilize artists for climate action.

Project Highlights

Spillerommet (The Play Room)

Spillerommet (The Play Room) is a new platform social arenas where artists can come together in actively shaping the future of arts and culture, based on the artistic principles of social sustainability, listening and working together. The goal is to mobilize artists for climate action by triggering a personal commitment to the cause by raised awareness and knowledge, and utilizing the sector’s potential to both drive and benefit from a green shift in collaboration with the traditional business world, academia and the public sector.


Photo: From the Pilot seminar and panel discussion for Spillerommet august 2022, in collabotation with the Langs Akerselva festival. Photo: Ola Rosenlund

Ringer i vannet (Rings In The Water)

In 2018, Wulff “came out” as a voice for the environment by releasing a new singel in the genre she called “climate pop”, interweaving love of nature, critique of capitalism and consumerism and other value issues in her lyrics. In 2020 the album Ringer i vannet (Rings In The Water) was released, witch contained many songs on the topic. Climate pop is now an established term, in Norway, while Marte has moved on to working on an interdisciplinary project on the issue, including the concept album Øya/Øyet and a theatrical performance about humanity facing the climate crisis based on the album material.

Her first single release from this album comes with a music video for the 2018 single Verden er stor.

Photo: The cover of the album Ringer i vannet – Cover photo by Marte Vike Arnesen

Oppmerksomhetsbloggen (The Attention Blog)

In 2022 Marte and storyteller Tiril Bryn, started a blog called Oppmerksomhetsbloggen (The Attention Blog). The blog is dedicated to creating new stories about the future, and to texts about how inner and outer change is inevitably interconnected.


Photo: Image from Oppmekrsomhetsbloggen, by Marte Wulff

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