Marian Söderholm

With an education and background within theatre and performing arts, I now work for the regional culture committee. Previous work includes international culture management (Trans Europe Halles), climate and mobility project management (Mölndals stad, Göteborgsregionens kommunalförbund), and various other work in the independent arts & culture field. I also have an education and interest in permaculture and organic gardening (småskalig ekologisk odling, Jämshögs folkhögskola) and do volunteer work for various NGO’s. For several years I have intertwined the areas of culture and climate within my work – when I worked for the traffic department I collaborated with the local libraries to start lending out e-bikes, and now that I work with funding and development of the arts & culture sector I reach out to the environmental department and others to try to bridge these two areas.öderholm-35220384