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Madeline Doyle

Communicator, Facilitator and Curator

Country: Sweden
Cohort: CCL Sweden 2021

"I think of it as a burning energy in our soul and as a guiding light for creating a clear vision for change and challenging paradigms, nourished by creativity, resilience, and optimism."


Maddie is a communicator, facilitator and curator with a passion for ecology. She has an education and experience in arts and cultural projects, with a specialism in community engagement and participation.

Previously, she has been active as an artist at UK festivals and has worked with Walk the Plank, Trans Europe Halles and Artolution on campaigns and projects in outdoor arts, events and policymaking.

Currently, Maddie works as a Global Communications Specialist at Ingka Group (IKEA). Her approach to work is embedded in her creative roots and she is invested in collaborating with communities and multilevel stakeholders to create strategic and imaginative methods to inspire positive environmental action and social impact. She is also an Ambassador for IKEA Foundation.

Project Highlights

Maddie has been in the lead of coordinating a book launch and campaign about climate action with IKEA colleagues in over 30 countries. The book – Assembly Guide for a Better Future – was created to give an overview of IKEA’s plan to become climate positive and to empower colleagues to take action. As part of the launch, Maddie also helped to create and facilitate a communications package. Locally, she organised activities at her workplace including a tour of an urban farm, a second-hand swap shop, and hosted a talk to inspire her colleagues to find their role in the movement.

Maddie worked with Trans Europe Halles (TEH), the European Network for Grassroots Cultural Centres, as a communications lead on a policy project, Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (CCSC) co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

CCSC was managed by a consortium of ten non-profit and public organisations and led by TEH with an aim to create a more sustainable future for cities. Maddie led the communications between all organisations, developed content for the project website and social channels. She also worked on the marketing, coordination and facilitation of a conference that was streamed to 800+ participants in 67 countries and disseminated the project outputs and results.

Whilst working with Walk the Plank, Maddie led the marketing of Manchester Day parade with Manchester City Council and coordinated communications with the community groups and artists involved.

Manchester Day is a city celebration with an audience of 60,000+, 1,500 artists/performers, and over 40 community groups taking part in a colourful pageant representing the rich cultural diversity of Manchester. The parade is also committed to reducing its environmental impact with nearly everything in the parade is people powered – being pushed, pulled, wheeled and walked, as well as spreading awareness on important causes such as the climate emergency.

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