Iris Hung

Iris Ping-Chi Hung is the Managing Director of Taiwan’s artist-in-residency program, Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) and executive director of Taiwan Art Space Alliance.

Her previous background was in the business field. This work experience allowed her to build up the abilities to deal with different parties having different requirements. After several years, she decided to go back to school again for further study in Culture Industry in Goldsmiths; especially in the role of pop-up culture in gentrification areas. In order to examine the study into practice, she started working in an event company and a gallery after back to Taiwan. She has had opportunities to run big projects in all different stages; from planning to marketing, executing and PR and communication. Currently, she works at BCS, an established, privately owned international residency program in Taiwan.

BCS promote cross-cultural exchanges by lifting barriers, and provide a creative environment for needed time, space and facilities for production, residencies on site, servicing artists in their research, testing and trial run of their products and services. After 2010, BCS are gradually shifting the theme on environmental art actions and inviting artists to spread their findings in wilder audiences.

Her main responsibility is to coordinate the projects and bridge artists and other specialists together. She also is a key leader in creating a platform for like-minded organizations in Asia to promote their work in many approaches.