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Henry McGhie

Museum consultant (sustainable development agendas)

Country: UK
Cohort: CCL Creative Europe Wales 2017


"Anyone can be creative, and take a lead on climate action, whether in their own life or with others. The work of the cultural sector is to remove the barriers that prevent people from doing so. Knowledge, motivation and practical skills are all essential."


Henry McGhie runs the UK-based consultancy Curating Tomorrow, empowering museums and their partners to contribute to sustainable development agendas, including the SDGs, climate action, biodiversity conservation, human rights and Disaster Risk Reduction. He works internationally, with museum organisations and museums, providing training and development, contributing to exhibition development, and bringing people and big-picture agendas together. He was involved in the inclusion of museums and cultural institutions in the new Glasgow Work Programme, the public-facing aspect of the Paris Agreement. He is co-editor of two books on climate change communication, and writes a series of open-access guides on sustainable development topics for cultural institutions.

Project Highlights

Museums for Climate Action

Museums for Climate Action was a project developed for COP26, led by Rodney Harrison and Colin Sterling, working with Henry McGhie and Glasgow Science Centre. The project resulted in an exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre for COP26, an open-access book (edited by Rodney and Colin) and the Mobilising Museums for Climate Action Toolkit, available free here.

Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals

Museums and the Sustainable Development Goals is an open-access guide on how to localise the SDGs to the cultural sector. This guide is used in most countries.

Download PDF.

Understanding the SDGs

Understanding the SDGs is a guide for the cultural sector on how to use the SDGs, as a mechanism to achieve multiple agendas together.

Download PDF.


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