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Arash Pandi

Artist, Activist

Country: Denmark
Cohort: CCL Scandinavia 2022


"Creative-climate-leadership is an organism consisting of skills, knowledge and tools that are needed to help artists and organizations to directing their artistic activities and skills on the path of bringing awareness on the emergency state of our climate, motivating the public for change and demanding new policies from politicians and policy makers."


I’m a sound artist/ musician/ teacher since 2005 and an organic plant farmer/ climate – animal activist since 2017. Being an immigrant from Iran, I’ve tried to reflect on the meaning of migration in physical, mental and spiritual aspects which then involved me in refugee activism by community radio activities, while interpreting Iranian classical music in an electronic context in my music. The spiritual aspect of migration thought me the importance of Ahimsa; living a non-violent life style in relation to all sentient beings, and has put me on the path of working for a vegan future. Based in Denmark, I am practicing organic farming, collaborating with musicians & sound-visual artists, and doing activism in climate & animal rights issues.

Project Highlights

Now or Never: network for sustainable & compassionate sound movements

“Now or Never : network for sustainable & compassionate sound movements”. Now or Never is a start-up network in Denmark co-founded by Arash Pandi and Juliana Hodkinson, aiming to provide a space for collaborative projects among sound artists and musicians, with other art sectors and climate activists. The main purpose of the network is to bring awareness on the emergency of the planet’s condition, and thus activating empathy towards all sentient beings and our natural ecosystems.

Image: Arash presenting the network at “Sound and Art annual meeting: 1.sustainability” at spor festival, Arhus, Denmark 2022.

Exotic Paradox

“Exotic Paradox” ft Sløer on visuals. Exotic paradox is an audio-visual developed in Iran by sound artist Arash Pandi and visual artist Morteza Ghahremanian. Since 2021 Arash and Sløer have collaborated and created a new narrative, telling a story of creation, life, humans and their interactions and invasion of the natural world, with a abstract and still sensible approach. Sounds and visuals in this project carry elements that would seem familiar, set in an environment that plays with the experience of familiarity and exoticness. ‘Exotic Paradox’ is a project to remind us about our destructive and ‘non- pervasive’ consumer culture, our relation towards “life” and our position in the world as a human being.

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Image: Live performance at Radarlive, Århus, DK 2021 

Photos: Bjørn Giesenbauer

Transcultural music composition through complex microtonal system syncing 5 musicians

“Transcultural music composition through complex microtonal system syncing 5 musicians”. As a part of Gong tomorrow festival, I was invited to collaborate with Khayam Alami, and 3 other sound artists on creating a live electronic imporvisation in microtonal middle-eastern musical systems. “Apotome” is a software developed by Khayam Alami, which enables the musicians to create electronic music in various non-western musical system, and thus deconolizing the electronic music scene.

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Image: Gong tomorrow festival 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photos: Malthe Folke Ivarsson

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