Helena Ryhilahti

After Helena worked to bring the language of CCL back to her organisation at the time, saying that ‘sustainability became a household word at the European Cultural Foundation’. She achieved this language change through both a dissemination event, in which she brought together individuals within her company to learn about CCL values, and through continually … Read more Helena Ryhilahti

Lyke Poortvliet

Lyke describes how being part of CCL made her ‘more aware of my place and responsibility in the world as a human and entrepreneur’. She realised how much impact she could make within her own network, and has since actively worked to increase sustainability awareness and training within the festival industry. Over the previous year … Read more Lyke Poortvliet

Christine Vroom

Christine Vroom joined CCL as a Programme Manager at the Netherlands Institute for Design and the Het Nieuwe Instituut.  Christine coordinated the New Material Award for the innovative and sustainable use of materials in design and the arts, and developed a network for knowledge exchange and international collaborations around the use of new materials in … Read more Christine Vroom